Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radio, someone still loves you

I have been in Bangalore for more than six months now. Working at a relatively small institute which is located in the outskirts of this city often gets very boring. Don't get me wrong...the people here are great and the work is stimulating (couldn't think of a milder word.) But, at the same time, it gets awfully monotonous.

I wake up at the same time to catch the same shuttle and sit among the same people who whine about lack of sleep and a sudden craving for food every single day. However, I must add here that it's the thought of a grilled cheese sandwich (with extra cheese) for breakfast that gets me out of bed. :P

BUT..within a few seconds of the bus journey, I am actually glad for having woken up early!

It's because the radio is invariably playing one of my favourite songs!! I don't know how many people would agree, but hearing an old favourite on the radio is quite exhilarating. Even though the radio often plays songs that are on my Winamp playlist, it's like getting a pleasant surprise every morning.

Radio Indigo is one of the few radio stations in India that plays international music. Any music lover who has lived in Bombay would understand the worth of having good English music on radio especially after the death of GO. The best part is that Radio Indigo plays great classics and doesn't leave the impression that most bands were one-hit wonders!

Nothing is as motivating as good music! Trust me, I feel like I can take over the world every morning :)

Thank you for the music…..

Oh, wait a second!

I need to whine about some stuff , though. I miss driving my car when I listen to great music and while I am at it, I might as well complain about the headset of my phone - one of the earphones doesn't work :(

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Shiona said...

hey ape- I think you should blog more often :)
Esp now that you have a little more time to yourself?
And whatcha doin' with the name of my fav brain part on your blog?